Utah official pulls down teen's skirt in restaurant, arrested for sexual battery

Ida Ann Lorenzo, 48, was arrested on Saturday night for pulling down a teenage girl's skirt at a restaurant in Utah. Lorenzo is an employee of Utah attorney general Sean Reyes. She was charged with sexual battery.

Lorenzo was dining at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse in St. George, when she apparently took it upon herself to criticize the attire of a group of teenage girls sitting next to her at the restaurant. In a TikTok video Lorenzo can be seen speaking with the girls after the alleged incident. "I happen to work for the state," she boasts, "and if I have to watch your ass cheeks hanging out again, I will call CPS." (Lorenzo may have been referring to child protective services.) Lorenzo then waved her phone around to show she means business

"Do it!" sais one of the girls. "She is 19 years old," said another girl in the group. "We would love for you to call the police," said another.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Lorenzo did call the police about two hours later to report an indecent exposure incident. But unfortunately for Lorenzo, the cops arrived at her house and arrested Lorenzo instead:

The woman was arrested days after she called police herself, reporting last Saturday that the TikTok video amounted to a "threat on her life" because it insinuated that her interaction with the 19-year-old at least two hours earlier was "sexual in nature," police documents state.

The woman's 911 call came about two hours after she had initially called police about the teen, reporting that the teen's skirt was hiked up above her genitals while in the view of several minors, police documents state. The woman felt steakhouse staff and other adults were not addressing the issue.

In a follow-up Tik Tok video, one of the teenagers who was with the girl who had her skirt pulled down, posted her account of the story. She explained that she and her friends were at a nice restaurant for a birthday party when a woman approached one of her friends, pulled down her skirt, and criticized her for wearing a crop top, implying she was underage. The friends were shocked and discussed the incident in the waiting area, while the woman sat nearby. That's when one of the friends in the group started taking the video.

Utah's ABC4 has more details about Lorenzo's efforts to spin the story once she realized the walls were closing in on her:

According to a statement of probable cause, Lorenzo reported the incident herself the night it happened, telling dispatch that the teenager had her skirt "hiked above her vagina and butt," exposing her pubic hair. Because restaurant staff and parents didn't act, Lorenzo said she took it upon herself to pull the teen's skirt down, as young children were present.

Later that night she called 911 again, this time saying that a video of the aftermath was posted online, along with her name, insinuating that she committed a crime that was sexual in nature. Lorenzo explained that because she holds a position with the state, she felt this was a "threat on her life," the police report states.

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