Take a trip to the Kewpie doll Museum

The Bonniebrook Home Museum is where the creator of the Kewpie Doll, Rose O'Neill, once resided. 

From Atlas Obscura: 

"ROSE O'NEILL WAS A FORMIDABLE Renaissance woman. Born in 1874, she worked as a cartoonist, illustrator, artist, and writer. She created the Kewpie, which would become the first trademarked household name cartoon character.  She was also a champion for women's rights and suffrage. At the peak of her career, O'Neill was the highest-paid illustrator in the world."

This home-turned-museum celebrates O'Neills art and is filled with display cases full of different Kewpie Dolls. You can also see her fine art illustrations and peek around her studio area which is still filled with her art supplies, photos, and sketches. 

After looking around this awe-inspiring museum you can walk down a beautiful trail on the property which leads to a garden and waterfall. O'Neill is buried on the property as well. The museum offers volunteer opportunities for locals who want to get involved. Kewpie Dolls and O'Neills' artwork rules, and I can't wait to visit this wonderful place someday. 

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