Cybertruck stuck in Nantucket

There once was a Cybertruck on Nantucket
Whose owner could not drive the bucket
They saw a sand dune
Drove over, and soon
What bad luck, the truck was stuck in it!

From the Nantucket Current:

The first Tesla Cybertruck to visit Nantucket rolled off the Steamship Authority ferry Thursday afternoon. It didn't take long to make an impression.

The vehicle with Connecticut plates was first spotted by people on Main Street, where it was parked directly on a crosswalk in front of Congdon & Coleman. But that was just the beginning.

A few hours later the truck reappeared, and this time it was stuck in the sand at Eel Point. The spectacle drew a small crowd before the $80,000 (starting price) vehicle was pulled out by the new "I Pull Out Beach Towing" service.

On a related note, the Nantucket Town Meeting is getting ready to vote on a change in short-term rental laws on the island.

Cyber Stuck: First Tesla Cybertruck On Nantucket Has A Rough Day [Jason Gradiadei / Nantucket Current]

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