Gus the Weimaraner is a precious piccolo playing pooch

I recently started learning to play the drums and joined a band. It's the most fun I've had in ages—I highly recommend it! There are currently just three of us, so there's still room for a few more in the band. At our next practice, I'm going to ask my bandmates if Gus the Weimaraner can join us because we don't yet have a flute player, and I think he'd be a terrific addition to the band. 

Check out his mellifluous musical stylings and tell me what you think! He is also so incredibly devoted to his craft that sometimes, he plays so long and hard that he falls asleep while doing so. Now that's the kind of dedication we need!

Too bad Gus lives so far away, though. The gorgeous doggo lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and is described by his humans on his Instagram this way: "I'm 99% sure that I'm human. I insist on a share of your meals, bed, couch and cuddles."

Caters Video describes the precious piccolo playing pooch:

Dog turned a cardboard tube into a musical instrument. Dog mum Emily from Gold Coast, Australia and her pooch, Gus, two, have gone viral after sharing how Gus uses cardboard tubes. According to Emily, the Weimaraner likes to steal used paper towel rolls and plays a tune on a daily basis. Being a fashion stylist, Emily's working day can be very busy, so Gus needed to find a way to quickly get his owner's attention when he needed to, thus the cardboard flute began.

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