Cringe! Ramaswamy so desperate for MAGA love, he let Ann Coulter belittle him for being Indian (video)

Failed candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is as MAGA — and therefore dangerous — as Donald Trump. But how he differs from the indicted former president is that he's tragically desperate to be loved by a racist party who will never embrace him. And last night, when he staidly nodded as racist Republican Ann Coulter told him she would never vote for him "because you're an Indian," I almost felt sorry for the cruel, extreme right billionaire. Almost.

Ramaswamy had invited Coulter for an interview on his podcast, and as soon as he introduced her, she threw her xenophotic daggers. But her first target was "American Black" people, which earned her a broad smile from Ramaswamy.

"You are so bright and articulate — and I guess I can call you "articulate" since you're not an American Black. Can't say that about them, that's derogatory," she sneered, before turning her venom towards his own skin color.

"I agreed with many, many things you said during — in fact, probably more than most other candidates when you were running for president, but I still would not have voted for you because you're an Indian. We'll get back to that," she said. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)

And Ramaswamy, no doubt screaming inside, continued to treat Coulter as if she were a highly respectable human being discussing economic policies or the future of U.S. farming and agriculture.

"There is a core national identity that is the identity of the WASP and that doesn't mean we can't take anyone else in — a Sri Lankan, or a Japanese, or an Indian," she later added, for good measure. "But the core around which the nation's values are formed is the WASP." 

After the bizarre interview, according to Mediaite, Ramaswamy pathetically defended Coulter while promoting his podcast on X: "@AnnCoulter told me flat-out to my face that she couldn't vote for me 'because you're an Indian,' even though she agreed with me more than most other candidates. I disagree with her but respect she had the guts to speak her mind. It was a riveting hour. The TRUTH podcast is back."

KKK members speak their minds too, so that must make them "respectable" in Ramaswamy's twisted world. A rude bully himself, I guess the broken Trump sycophant is just stepping in line, dutifully finding his spot in MAGA's toxic pecking order.