Vivek Ramaswamy enriched himself while costing small investors their life savings (must-watch 5-min video)

This new TikTok video investigates how Vivek Ramaswamy acquired the rights to a failed Alzheimer's drug very cheaply, reworked the failed trials to show improvement with help from his mother, and hyped the potential on Jim Cramer's investment show.

The IPO raised the most ever for a biotech company, and the stock skyrocketed, allowing Ramaswamy and his inner circle to cash out their shares. But when phase 3 trials were conducted, the drug flopped again, causing the stock to plummet 99% in one day.

TikToker Driven Progressive says Ramaswamy knew the drug didn't work but exploited loopholes to make himself rich, while costing small investors everything when the truth came out.

From the video:

Vivek seems to think that wokeness is destroying the country but I would really like to ask him what is hurting the country more: a person using they/them pronouns, or a guy that is running billion dollar pump and dump schemes on Wall Street, destroying the lives of people that were silly enough to believe what he said?