Hello prison! Steve Bannon loses after federal appeals court upholds his conviction

Looks like Steve Bannon could finally be headed to prison. A federal appeals court in Washington D.C. upheld his contempt of Congress conviction today for defying subpoenas by the Jan 6th committee. From Meidas Touch Network:

The United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia has officially rejected Steve Bannon's appeal of his contempt of Congress convictions for his failure to comply with lawful subpoenas issued by the January 6th Committee. …

Unlike [Peter] Navarro, who is currently serving his sentence in federal prison, a D.C. federal judge allowed Bannon to remain free pending his appeal to the D.C. Circuit. As a result, the 4-month sentence was put on hold. Given today's decision, Bannon will likely be ordered to federal prison to begin serving his sentence absent a ruling from the United States Supreme Court. 

But knowing Bannon — Trump's former senior White House advisor — he won't be packing his toothbrush for a four-month time-out without a fight. From CNBC News:

But Bannon could ask the full judicial line-up of the D.C. Circuit to hear his appeal again.

He also could ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take an appeal of Friday's ruling.

In the end, Bannon will need to face facts — which doubles as the moral of the story — to which there are no alternatives: Everyone who associates with Donald Trump eventually gets burned.