Ferret snoring is the ASMR you never knew you needed

Have you ever heard a ferret snoring? I hadn't until very recently when I stumbled upon "FerretTok" and discovered TikTok user "Ferret Daddy," who describes himself as "Just a streamer with 3 ferrets Twitch: Zennvin."

Ferret Daddy posts adorable videos of his ferrets playing, eating, and just generally being cute. My favorites, though, are the ones featuring the sweet creatures sleeping and making their ridiculously adorable snoring noises.

I mean, just watch and listen to this! Have you ever heard anything more delightful? A TikTok user describes the snoring: "It sounds like a laser gun and I love it." Another stated, "It kinda sounds like a not-starting car." Even when the snoring ferret gets kicked in the face by its friend, it doesn't wake up. And that little yawn at the end after it gets its tiny snout booped! I can't stand how cute it is!

Here's another video of a ferret snoring, but this one has bonus sleepy lip-smacking.

Enjoy these cute critters! And to see more, check out Ferret Daddy's TikTok!


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♬ original sound – Ferret Daddy