These adorable opossums have mastered their exercise wheel!

Since I fulfilled my dream of meeting a capybara (named Tater Tot!) last Fall, my new dream is to cuddle an opossum (if it'll have me, if not, I'll settle for seeing one in person, er… in possum!). Until then, the next best thing is to watch videos of the cute critters online. And, thanks to Virginia Beach-based Wild Baby Raccoon Rescue, a 501c nonprofit, licensed wildlife rehabilitation and education organization that rehabs raccoons, opossums, squirrels, foxes, and more, I never run out of footage of North America's only marsupial!

Check out this adorable video of two of their resident opossums, Poppy and Ivy, walking on their exercise wheel. I didn't know opossums could do this, but they look like old pros! They've even figured out how to use the wheel together at the same time. I could watch their precious paws, ridiculously cute snouts, and adorable ratty tails in action all day long! And here's another view of the pair walking side by side! 


To see more from Wild Baby Raccoon Rescue, check out their Facebook or Instagram!

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