15 million bees let loose on highway following truck accident

Oh god, no! Not the bees!

Drivers on interstate 95 in Maine had to avoid a particularly gnarly tractor-trailer accident on May 9th. Typically, drivers have to do their best following a crash like this. Avoiding debris, calling in late to work, avoiding looking at the collision for fear of seeing something truly horrific, avoiding other drivers who can't seem to look away from something hopefully not horrific. Y'know, usual car crash stuff.

At this accident; though, commuters in Maine had to avoid 15 million bees swarming the road

I'd wager that absolutely no one is prepared for that.

The temperature in the 40s might have kept the bees from getting rowdier during the several hours it took to get the truck upright and removed by a tow truck, he said. A beekeeper was summoned to corral the bees, he added.

The driver's fine.

First responders who arrived at the scene were initially charged with what they thought was liquid oozing out of the cabin. Investigation proved difficult, as the liquid commenced to sting them repeatedly. "Liquid doesn't usually do that" I'm sure they thought, "better get an expert".