British ambassador to Mexico fired after pointing gun at staffer

Jon Benjamin, the British ambassador to Mexico, thought it would be funny or something if he pointed a semiautomatic rifle at one of his staffers. The moment, on a trip to a violence-stricken region, was captured on video and posted to social media. Benjamin, 61, was quickly fired. The U.K.'s foreign office said they "have taken appropriate action."

The Financial Times reported that Jon Benjamin was on an official trip to Durango and Sinaloa, two states with strong organised crime groups, when he looked down the gun's sights at a colleague, who gestures uncomfortably in the five-second clip.

The firearm presumably belonged to the security detail accompanying the diplomat, who was sacked soon after the incident in April.

What better way to wreck a forty-year diplomatic career? Relations between Westminster and Mexico are very cordial, but that sort of thing is just not on. The British ephors replied with a single phoneme: tut.