West Virginia Secretary of State candidate bitten by snake while removing own campaign signs

Doug Skaff, West Virginia Secretary of State hopeful, had injury added to insult on Wednesday when copperhead snakes bit him while he was in the process of removing signs following his campaign's failure. Should the snake's actions be taken as a political statement? Neither the attackers nor a representative for the species were available for comment.

A remarkably brazen journalist had the gall to ask him what was worse, losing the election or getting bit by the snake.

Skaff: Snake bites. Elections come and go, but I wouldn't wish this on anybody. It was scary. It hurt. When I saw that venom going through my body like that, and feeling that sensation.

Andrew Colegrove and Tim Irr, WSAZ

Maybe one day, man and snake will learn to coexist. When I run for some kind of office, let's say county coroner, in Boone County, West Virginia, you can bet that this will be my one and only issue. And I will clinch the single issue voter vote. Until then, avoid picking up litter along the guardrails of route 119 in Danville.

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