Scarlett Johansson treats a 12-year-old foster pitbull to a luxurious spa day on its way to a new home

This is the cutest "blind date" I've seen in a while! Scarlett Johansson recently took 12-year-old Ocean, a foster pitbull, for a much-needed spa day–and they both had a fabulous time. At the time of the blind date, Ocean was being fostered through the Muddy Paws Rescue in New York City and had been searching for her furever home.

Scarlett showed up to the date with a chew toy in the shape of a bouquet of roses, which Ocean was excited to receive. They both got manicures and Ocean indulged in a delicious spa meal of yogurt and berries. Scarlett was so kind to Ocean—she talked so sweetly to her, called her "love bug," and cuddled with her. I loved seeing how happy the adorable Ocean was to be the center of such heartfelt care and attention.

And the story has such a happy ending—shortly after the video was created, Ocean was adopted! Congrats, Ocean!

To see more of the dogs available for adoption from Muddy Paws Rescue, visit their website or TikTok.

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