Lifeguard, who is Christian, sues Los Angeles because Pride Flags

A Christian lifeguard who regularly works at an LBGTQ+ popular beach is suing the City for "religious discrimination" and "retaliation" because he had to stand near a Pride flag.

All you need to know about Christian lifeguard Jeffery Little is that he claims queer identity goes against the "purpose of the human person." Mr. Little complains about a flag different from the one the city is flying, and the colors he is offended by are not on it. This lawsuit seems doomed to failure.

Little is accusing the department of "religious discrimination" and "retaliation," alleging that officials did not "substantively engage" with his objections and instead threatened "discipline and eventual termination for failure to raise the Progress Pride flag." He is asking for damages based on "severe emotional distress" and a "standing exemption" from raising the flag.

Little typically works at Will Rogers Beach, long considered a safe space among LGBTQ+ beach goers. The beach is so popular with queer residents and visitors that it earned the nickname "Ginger Rogers Beach."

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