Star Wars Oreos contain "Kyber" crystals

Not one to rest on its laurels, the makers of Oreo cookies are following up the Sour Patch Kids Oreos with Star Wars Oreos. They actually look really cool.

Available in two unique packs made with classic OREO chocolate wafer cookies, each pack has either dark side cookies with red creme or light side cookies with blue creme. Both cremes feature "Kyber" inspired sugar crystals, and the cookies are embossed with a randomized assortment of 10 dark side or 10 light side STAR WARS™ characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda (character designs may vary).

The art on the packaging was created by Greg Hildebrandt, which is a nice touch for a novelty product that people like me will buy no matter what. Hildebrandt created iconic Star Wars art with his late brother Tim, including the original movie poster which is among the franchise's most recognizable images. Of course, the beautiful packaging doesn't reveal whether the contents are aligned with the Dark Side or Light Side, which encourages you to buy more than just one. 

The character art on the cookies is also nicely detailed. It's a shameless cash grab, and like others before it, I am going to fall for it. Also, I am sure eating Kyber crystals is totally fine.

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