Confused Fox pundit thinks backyard barbecue gossip qualifies as proof of Biden's drug use

Ever heard of a host being more lit than their wildest conspiracy theories? Enter Will Cain, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, who is convinced President Biden was jacked up on drugs during his State of the Union address.

When progressive talk show host David Pakman came on Cain's show and asked Cain to name a drug that could temporarily reverse dementia, Cain tried to turn the tables by pretending to be a logician, saying that Pakman couldn't prove Biden isn't on drugs. "What I said to you is… somebody sitting at the backyard barbecue says, 'He's injected on all kinds of things to amp him up for the debate' is not an absurd supposition," Cain stammered. Ah yes, the age-old "backyard barbecue" standard of evidence. That must be what they taught at Trump University until it was shut down for fraud.

Pakman pointed out that the burden of proof lies with those making the claim. "In order to say it's not an absurd suggestion, you have to at least plausibly bring a specific substance known to man that would do what is being alleged."

So, what have we learned? When it comes to Fox News, facts are optional, backyard gossip is fact, and Cain's brain is not firing on all cylinders. He could use a dose of the same drugs he imagines Biden is on.

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