NY Times thinks Murdoch's sneakers are news—his attempt to destroy American democracy, not so much

The New York Times is gushing over Rupert Murdoch's choice of sneakers at his fifth wedding. Yes, the same Rupert Murdoch who has done more than any living person to eradicate democracy and replace it with white Christian authoritarianism. But hey, let's talk about his footwear instead!

Guy Trebay's article breathlessly details Murdoch's nuptials to Elena Zhukova, a retired molecular biologist. The scandalous news? Murdoch's decision to pair his suit with sneakers. As Trebay puts it, "critics predictably carped about how the requisite footwear with a formal suit is a hard-soled leather shoe."

So, we're all supposed to be concerned with Murdoch's casual sartorial choices, while conveniently forgetting this is the man whose media empire has been the defacto ministry of propaganda for disinformation, divisive politics, and undermining democratic institutions. Trebay quotes Jim Moore of GQ, emphasizing that "Not only does an Oxford or even a Derby 'finish' a formal look, it is a coded social signifier 'of courtesy and good manners.'" But forgive Murdoch for his sartorial blunder. Nothing says "good manners" like using your media platforms to broadcast violent, racist disinfotainment!

There's more! Trebay goes on to speculate whether Murdoch's sneaker choice was a "don't-care play by a master of the universe." Because when you're worth billions and have a stranglehold on global media, why not flaunt your "punk" sensibilities by bucking dress codes? Forget the ethical implications of your life's work; let's focus on your footwear rebellion.

Bravo, NY Times, for keeping your eye on the real issues. It's comforting to know that while democracy is teetering on the edge, at least Rupert Murdoch's sneaker game is strong.

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