Biden imposes strict migration limits at border

President Joe Biden imposed strict limits on the number of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border who may seek asylum.

Migrants caught crossing illegally could be quickly deported or turned back to Mexico under the measure, which will take effect just after midnight. There will be exceptions for unaccompanied children, people who face serious medical or safety threats and victims of trafficking, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said.

Biden, a Democrat, has toughened his approach to border security as immigration has emerged as a top issue for Americans in the run-up to Nov. 5 elections where he will face Republican Donald Trump, who made a hardline stance on immigration a centerpiece of his administration and vowed a wide-ranging crackdown if reelected.

The directive is similar to one issued by then-president Trump which was ultimately struck down by the courts. The measure was also in the recent Immigration Bill that Trump ordered his party to vote against. Biden wants to have his cake and eat it—"I will never demonize immigrants," Biden said last night—whereas Trump described migrants as "poisoning the blood of the country," echoing Hitler.