Texas Congressman shows us chainsaw buoys that Greg Abbott set up in Rio Grande: "It's barbaric" (video)

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D–TX) took a first hand look at Gov. Greg Abbott's Rio Grande barrier he fashioned out of "buoys," and what he found was a floating wall of saw-enhanced, migrant "barrel traps" akin to a medieval torture machine.

"The state [Texas] says they're not a danger to anybody, well I want you to look right here at this chainsaw device," the lawmaker said in a video he released yesterday (see below), pointing to a horrifying circular saw nearly hidden within Abbott's bright orange wall of barrels.

"You really have a situation where the state government and Greg Abbott are treating human beings like animals … it's incredibly dangerous, it's incredibly inhumane, and it's the reason that I've said it's barbaric — because it is," he says about the governor's violent contraption, which was recently found with a dead body stuck to it, according to the Congressman.