Visitor discovers that China's "highest waterfall" comes from a pipe

China's Yuntai Mountain scenic area in Henan province uses a massive pipe to keep its "highest waterfall" flowing during dry seasons. A Douyin user (China's equivalent of TikTok) captured footage of the pipe — which can't be seen from the viewing area — at the top of the 314-meter Yuntai Falls.

As reported in The Independent, The video has since gone viral, leaving visitors feeling duped, as they had traveled a long way to witness what they believed to be a majestic natural wonder.

One Weibo user criticized the park's poor attempt at disguising the pipe, stating, "The main thing is that the water pipe is so crudely installed, others at least disguise it in a superior way." Another user pointed out the obvious: "The move does not respect the laws of nature nor the visitors."

Park officials, now facing backlash, have admitted to the "small enhancement" during dry spells, claiming it was done to "enrich the visiting experience" and ensure the trip was "worthwhile."

In a statement written in the "voice" of the waterfall itself, the officials said, "In order to enrich your visiting experience and make your visit worthwhile, I made a small enhancement during the dry season, just to meet you in a better posture."

A few commenters commended park officials for their efforts to put on a good show. "That it is better than seeing no water at all," said one. "It is a good faith effort for the scenic area to maintain the landscape during dry periods," said another.