"Good guy with a gun" kills a teenager

An off-duty, armed security guard decided some teenagers were going to rob a store. The 17-year-old is dead.

In this article, almost nothing about the 51-year-old shooter's story makes sense. The couple paragraphs give the impression this "good guy with a gun" wanted to get involved, didn't listen to his victims, and murdered someone. He understands enough of the law enforcement-sounding language to use when seeking to get away with a crime but not enough de-escalation or actual training with humans to be carrying a firearm.

The 17-year-old died at the scene. Police said security video showed the victim only briefly lowering his hand towards his waist and said throughout the interaction, the teen's hands were empty.

According to investigators, the teens were carrying airsoft guns. According to the two surviving teens, one of the boys was "dealing with functioning issues on the airsoft gun and wanted to take it back to Big 5 Sporting Goods to either return or exchange it." Additionally, police said the victim was also carrying an airsoft gun to the sporting goods store because he "wanted assistance with a magazine issue he was having with the firearm."

"The 17-year-olds were trying to tell (the suspect) they were just BB guns, but the confrontation intensified so rapidly that, unfortunately, the (suspect's) gun was fired," said Meeghan Black, Renton police.


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