California bears routine check-ins on humanity are leaving them unimpressed (video)

Twice in a short period, bears have checked out what neighboring California humans are up to; they do not seem impressed.

A Northern California high school football practice was distracted by a black bear passing through what had been its ancestral range for generations but has become home to humans in recent decades. The bear, noting that CTE injuries start at a young age, and these humans might be of the less reliable sort, hightailed it out of there. Additionally, a bear in Sierra Madre, California, wanted to meet his neighbor but was quickly rejected.

On Thursday, the Truckee Wolverines posted a video on the team's Instagram page that showed a black bear crossing through the middle of a practice session.

"The possibilities at a football practice in Truckee are vast…snow, lightning storms, hail, coyotes taking out voles or maybe the birds of prey swooping down on the varmints…or a Black Bear making his way through old wetlands of Meadow Lake," the post's caption said.

The Truckee High School players and coaches are seen watching the bear cross the field and run away. No direct encounter between the bear and a human occurred.

CBS News

Perhaps we should show the bears a CyberTruck.

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