Bobby Hill is of drinking age in 'King of the Hill' revival

When the King of the Hill reboot drops on Hulu in 2025, Bobby Hill will no longer be 12 years old. He'll be 21! And a chef!

Pamela Adlon, who voiced Bobby for all 13 seasons when the animated series aired on FOX, recently told Movieweb:

We're in the second season [creating] the reboot, and Bobby is 21. He's a chef in a fusion restaurant in Dallas. And it's been incredible. It's just been really fun. I think it's been freakier for Mike and Greg to think about Bobby going from 12 to being 21 and having a relationship and being a person."

"But don't we all go through that with our kids and our friends' kids? It is shocking when I see my friends' kids, and they're all grown up. And I'm like, 'Wait a second, what just happened?' So, it's just a little bit of a mess.

Just for fun, watch what happened when Pamela recently ran into a Bobby Hill superfan at Von's Supermarket: