The King of the Hill cast is about to start table reads for the upcoming Hulu reboot

Boy, ItellyouwhatthatdangoldgotdangKingoftheHilldangoldcomingback, man. 

For those who don't speak fluent Boomhauer, let's translate the preceding sentence- if you can call it that. Last year, it was announced that Hulu was interested in reviving Mike Judge's hilarious animated sitcom King of the HillDuring its original run, King of the Hill became one of adult animation's most critically and commercially successful properties. Depending on who you ask, King of the Hill might be Mike Judge's best project, including the groundbreaking Beavis and Butt-Head and Office Space. Unfortunately, King of the Hill was canceled during its 13th season to make room for The Cleveland Show

As King of the Hill gets ready to return, fans are curious if the series will be able to recapture the magic of the show's original run. According to Comic Book Resources, the cast of King of the Hill are about to start table reads. Thankfully, King of the Hill is powered by propane, so it can keep its heat for decades. 

Table reads for Hulu's revival of King of the Hill appear to be underway.

In an interview with Screen Rant published earlier this month on April 18, King of the Hill star Stephen Root — who voiced both Bill Dauterive and Buck Strickland in the original Fox series — briefly discussed Hulu's upcoming reboot. During the sit-down, Root was asked which passion is more important to Bill, cutting hair or barbecuing. "I think Bill, as the stumblebum that he is, is actually an excellent haircutter," the actor replied. "But I think his Louisiana roots make him probably the better barbecue maker. I would have to say the barbecue at this point. If Bill could even remember his name!"

Regarding the revival itself, Root added, "I think we're going to time jump in this a little bit so that Bobby's going to be older, and it's going to be interesting. We're starting table reads in April, so I'm so looking forward to it." With the month of May set to begin tomorrow, it seems safe to assume they've already gotten started at the time of writing.