Adorable rescue beaver wears a onesie

Tulip is a baby beaver who was lucky to be rescued after losing her mom. She came to the rescue with health issues, including an unusual skin infection. To protect her skin and prevent scratching, she wore onesies. It is just as cute as you think it is. 

Here is Tulip making adorable sounds while devouring some watermelon. Why is it that the sound of a human chewing makes me stabby, but I can't get enough of this?

It's the same thing with tantrums. A human child having a tantrum = rage. A baby beaver having a tantrum over a banana makes cartoon hearts shoot out of my eyes.

Apparently, beavers are considered nuisance wildlife in Mississippi and are not protected. Their dams are regularly destroyed using explosives. Way to not live in harmony with nature, Mississippi.

Previously: In 1948, Idaho relocated 75 beavers by parachuting them