Doggone it! Donald Trump kicks puppy slayer Kristi Noem off his VP short list

Donald Trump has finalized his short list of potential vice presidential running mates, and surprise surprise — puppy slayer Kristi Noem did not make the cut.

The South Dakota governor had high hopes of becoming Trump's punching bag, and had been a strong contender until she bragged about shooting Cricket, her 14-month-old "untrainable" pooch. Or maybe it was the three horses she shot dead. Or the goat?

Not that Trump would actually care that she shot an animal, no matter what the species — even if it was someone walking down Fifth Avenue — but apparently, his MAGA fans do care. And so she is off the list.

Trump-sycophants still being considered for the dangerous job include (in no specific order): J.D. Vance, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Byron Donalds and Elise Stefanik, Doug Burgum, and Ben Carson, according to Mediaite.

From Mediaite:

Multiple news outlets reported Wednesday evening that the Trump campaign requested financial and biographical information on eight potential running mates as the start of a formal vetting process. 

Noem was long considered a favorite to be included in this list of final candidates, but over the past month, the South Dakota Governor suffered several negative news cycles that focused on her bragging about killing a farm dog because it was "less than worthless." She also claimed to have met North Korean dictator Kim Jong Unwhich later proved to be untrue.

When the dog-killing controversy came to light, it reportedly hurt Noem's chances of being Trump's vice presidential running mate for the upcoming November election.