Donald Trump boasted about rally's "massive lines" while fans collapsed in scorching heat

Although at least 11 Trumpers were hospitalized in Arizona after standing in 110-degree weather to see their cult leader speak, Donald Trump never once mentioned them. Instead, he boasted about his rally's "massive lines" and joked about how some of his "enthusiastic" fans "braving the heat" were then turned away at the door.

"BRAVING THE HEAT – Massive lines have formed to see President Trump in Arizona today, despite 100 degree heat," said the former one-term president's newsletter while his MAGA mob wilted in the sun. "That's an enthusiasm that Joe Biden will never see. That's the enthusiasm Americans have to Make America Great Again!"

Meanwhile, "during his speech, Trump did not mention any of his stricken supporters, but joked that many of the large crowd who had come to see him hadn't been able to get inside the venue," according to The Daily Beast.

And while Daily Beast reported that 11 people were sent away on stretchers, Meidas Touch reported that the number was closer to 50 victims:

However, several attendees were moved from the line for Trump's rally at Dream City Church to the hospital. According to Arizona based Copper Courier editor Cameron Stevenson, EMTs stated that "more than 50 people had to be taken to the hospital for heat-related illness before doors even opened." 

Reporter Ben Brown with ABC 15 Arizona posted pictures of "Trump supporters experiencing heat exhaustion as they waited outside in triple-digit temperate to see Donald Trump talk at Dream City Church." Trump called this "enthusiasm" for MAGA.

Trump, who wants to abolish Obamacare and replace it with whatever idea he dreams up, allowed his followers to pass out in 108° heat in order to "own the libs."

As Meidas Touch reported, Trump could have protected his MAGA devotees from heat stroke had he simply held his event in the cooler hours of the evening. But shucks, that would have interfered with his fundraiser at entrepreneur David Sacks' home, which is worth a dazzling $20 million. Naturally, Trump couldn't turn that down. Better luck next time, folks.

(See images and video below, posted by Camaron and Ben Brown.)

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