Trump's bizarre shark-battery speech scares GOP — let's "pass on first debate" says Sean Hannity (video)

Donald Trump's rambling, incoherent shark-battery speech over the weekend was just another example of the stable genius' fitness for presidency. But it clearly set off alarm bells in the GOP, as Trump-buoy Sean Hannity came rushing to the rescue.

"There are some even saying…that Donald Trump might be wise to just pass on the first debate, wait 'til he's nominated, then debate him," said Hannity — Trump's former shadow chief of staff — on Fox News yesterday (see video below, posted by Acyn).

And it won't take much for the MAGA cult leader to wiggle out of debating the President — from bone spurs to gag orders to being very busy to utter gibberish — any ol' excuse will satisfy his adoring disciples.

The first debate is scheduled for June 27, to be hosted by CNN. But don't hold your breath.