Donald Trump is mid-speech when hundreds of bored rally-goers exit the gates (video)

As Donald Trump droned on at a Las Vegas rally over the weekend, his MAGA mob made a mad dash to the exit gates.

"Donald Trump is speaking right now, and all these people are leaving!" said Las Vegas radio host Brian Shapiro as he recorded bored-looking rally-goers pouring out of the venue. Meanwhile, Trump's rambling speech can be heard in the background, speaking to a dwindling crowd.

"Thousands of people leaving the Trump cult rally right in the middle of Cheeto Jesus making his speech. Bizarre don't you think?" Shapiro later posted along with his footage. "Why are they leaving? Maybe it's because Orange Man is delivering his exact same speech again in 105 degree temperatures with no shade or water?" (See video below, posted by Pushing The Limits.)

One skedaddling attendee answered Shapiro's question, explaining that they were leaving because "We have to work." And, as Trump has reportedly paid actors to fill in the empty space of his rallies, perhaps these working folks were simply clocking out for the day.

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