Slint's David Pajo talks Frankensteined guitars and 8 Bit pedals

Earthquaker Devices, a great YouTube channel dedicated to the nitty, gritty and sometimes goofy technical specs of musician's equipment, got the chance to grill David Pajo of Slint last year. How I only discovered this recently will remain a mystery with no payoff. Regardless of delayed timing here's the interview in all it's nerdy glory.

Slint was, to put it broadly, an experimental rock act formed out of the ashes of bands Squirell Bait and Maurice in the early 80s out of Louisville, Kentucky. They were pioneers of math rock and post-hardcore. Their unique trudging melodies hinted at the beginnings of stoner metal.

While Slint en masse maintains a reputation of mystery, guitarist David Pajo is forthcoming about the tools of his trade. The Earthquaker Devices interview highlights his "Frankenstein" guitar projects, novelty pedals, and the philosophy behind Slint's signature guitar sound that Pajo pioneered. Around 11:16 he explains what an "anti-solo" is and how it contributed to the haunting tone of "Good Morning, Captain".

Pajo's other projects include playing with Gang of Four, Stereolab, creating collaborative work and a very chill cover of a Thin Lizzy classic.