Rodeo bull escapes ring

A rodeo bull hopped the fence, charged into a concession area and ran through the parking lot of a rodeo in Sisters, Oregon on Sunday night. The animal was contained shortly after it made a run for it but not before injuring three people and causing a ruckus. Party Bus, the bull, ran amok, knocked over a garbage can, lifted a person into the air and bounced them off its horns onto the ground. Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained were life-threatening.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) said Saturday's incident is a reminder that "while rodeo is a highly-entertaining sport, on very rare occasions it can also pose some risk".

Associated Press

Does this count as a victory for the bull? What's the prize money look like?

If you want some unsolicited advice, I'd advise you to try for the nosebleed seats if you ever end up at a rodeo.

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