Project Farm tests kitchen knives

Some of the most used tools in my kitchen are the knives. Here, YouTube's top tool tester puts them to the test.

I keep two blocks of knives on my kitchen counter, and I have a few specialty knives in sheaths on top of them. In the world of having the right too for the right job, I am the kind of person who has a hammer and a flathead pry-driver around, but kitchen knives? I am always tempted. Here Project Farm puts a bunch of readily available sets to the test.

I have the Chinese Henkles set. They are great, heavy blades of metal that are very easy to sharpen exactly as you might want. I got them in some online sale for what I thought was a song, and while the handles kind of are chonky and clonky, they should last for a very long time, even with aggressive sharpening.

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