Micropolis: the original Sim City on the web

The thing I love about Micropolis is the wedding of the original game and its pixelated graphics to modern high-resolution displays. You can see an entire original Sim City city on-screen! What is that, 120×100 squares? Tinytown.

Based on the original SimCity Classic from Maxis, designed by Will Wright, ported by Don Hopkins. This is just an unfinished evolving scrappy fiddle.

You can run it fast, too, revealing Sim City as a petri dish of rabid cellular automata. The code is on GitHub. There are books about the model, which Micropolis links to: see Building SimCity: How to Put the World in a Machine and SimCity reverse diagrams. One fascinating thing about Sim City is that its rightish 1980s ideas of how such things work keep getting besmirched by modern commentators. Next they'll be telling me Secret of Monkey Island isn't an accurate depiction of fencing!

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