Is this the Quake font?

The stencilled, vaguely military font used for the menus in 1996's Quake is, apparently, derived from Visa, or Avia, a typeface spotted at random in an old Solotype catalog by Bekoha.

While differences between this sample and both the Schott logo and final result in Quake are present, similarities between most of letterforms and some really specific ones like X and Y make me believe that Visa (or, more likely, its progenitor or a derivative because legally it's a typography free-for-all out there with everyone ripping off each other) was in fact used as a base for the Quake font.

The Quake font is low-res enough that you can't be sure, and there are various differences (not just the knife descenders) but if it's not this one it's from one just like it, so it may as well be this one. One-way tickets to paradise!