Teen gets zapped with stun gun after doing backflip at Cincinnati Reds game (video)

A 19-year-old Cincinnati Reds fan got a little carried away last night, running across the outfield during a game against the Cleveland Guardians and doing an excited backflip. The crowd cheered.

Seconds later, ouch! Security, who had been chasing the teen, zapped him in the back with a stun gun, swiftly flattening him to the ground before arresting him. (See video below, posted by Chase Younts.)

Jeez. Unless there's more to the story, looks like law and order also got a little carried away last night.

From Mediaite:

During Tuesday's game between the Reds and the Cleveland Guardians, a man later identified as 19-year-old William Hendon suddenly appeared in the outfield. …

Hendon was charged with criminal trespassing and obstructing official business. The former is a felony charge, while the latter is a misdemeanor.

A court document states he impeded a public officials lawful duties and "did with purpose to delay his arrest run from police."

Hendon was booked at the Hamilton County Justice later that night and held without bond.

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