Researcher mapping Alcatraz prison island erosion terrified by ghost

Climate researchers wanted to create a 3D map of Alcatraz island, the San Francisco Bay site of the former penitentiary, to monitor erosion. They commissioned VCTO Labs, a Seattle company that provides "technical solutions for storytellers," who sent a team to spend three weeks on "The Rock" collecting data. It was quite a haunting experience.

The team members decided to spend the night in the cells of D Block. However, one of the fellows was a loud snorer so they banished him to crash in the room where mughots were once taken. The next morning, they found him, and his gear, outside the room.

According to CBS News Bay Area, "the volunteer replied he would never, ever sleep again in that room, no matter what. The man explained that, in the middle of the night, he woke up to the sounds of a crowd of people in the room above the mugshot room."

He claimed that "ghosts" were moving furniture, playing a piano, and having a rowdy time.

Alcatraz has long been reported to still incarcerate many ghosts of prisons past.

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