Home barista makes beautiful latte art

Goran Dujic, who goes by "Barista Goran," is a self-described "home barista" from Munich, Germany who posts beautiful creations on their social media, "Latte Art City." I have recently scrolled through dozens of posts and am mesmerized by their work. I love watching the beautiful designs being crafted and find the videos both aesthetically pleasing and highly relaxing.

Here are some of my favorites!

These pistachio creations—a machiatto and an iced latte.


Pistachio espresso machiatto or Pistachio iced latte🤔

♬ Intergalactic Janet – Ley Soul

This rose affogato, which a commenter described as "the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life."

These relaxing chocolate melts, featuring espresso being poured over chocolate mazes, as relaxing music plays in the background.


Chooce your favorite Chocolate melt 1,2,3 or 4 🤔

♬ Hang Drum in the Mountain – Carlos Carty

Finally, these latte "paintings" featuring tiny landscapes in a cup.


Which of this 2 latte art you like more

♬ DO 4 LOVE – Snoh Aalegra

To see more of their work, visit their TikTokYouTube, or Instagram