Hiker's nightmare: mysterious bite leaves her paralyzed

A hiker's trek along Northern California's Taboose Pass Trail took a scary turn when she suddenly couldn't move after getting bit by something. Everyone, including rescuers and curious onlookers, was left wondering what kind of creature could be responsible.

The hiker was making her way up the John Muir Trail when she ran into snow on Mather Pass and couldn't continue. So, she decided to go down Taboose Pass, which was the closest way out. When she was about 1.7 miles from the trailhead, she got bitten by what she thought was a spider while getting water from a creek.

After the bite, she felt numbness in her legs and couldn't keep going down. Her phone was dying, but she managed to call for help and tell them where she was before her phone died completely. Inyo County Search & Rescue (SAR) in California quickly responded and made their way through the rough trail to find her and guide her down safely.

But here's the thing: nobody knows for sure what exactly bit her. The symptoms she had, like numbness and paralysis, don't match up perfectly with typical spider bites. So, there's a lot of speculation about what it could have been. Maybe it was some other kind of bug or even a tick causing tick paralysis.

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