When aggressive tiger shark rams into boat, diver shoves it away with her bare hands (video)

A shark diver was in her small boat when a tiger shark swam right up to her and tried to bite the boat's engines. But rather than panic or scream, the woman simply reached over and pushed the shark away as if it were an obnoxious pet.

"Keep your head away. It's expensive," she scolded as she gave the shark a bare-handed shove.

The shark then "threw a tantrum," as the diver said in her video caption, turning on its back and snapping at the air, baring a full set of sharp-looking choppers in the process. But still unfazed, the woman just laughed. (See video below, posted by Andriana_Marine.)

She did warn others not to follow her lead, however, with a disclaimer that reads, "I am a professional shark diver. Do not attempt." As tiger sharks have a "duly earned reputation as man-eaters," according to National Geographic, sounds like good advice to me!

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