Dance your layover away at Frankfurt airport's raves

If the timing's right, your long layover at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) could be an opportunity to dance and party to electronic music. That's because, over at Terminal 2, rave pop-ups are happening.

Created by Christian and Caspar of the Frankfurt-based brand Club Solaire, the idea behind these airport raves is "freedom, good vibes, and good music," says Christian. Hosted on the outdoor terrace of Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 2, the event mimics a "darty," starting around 3 pm and ending anywhere from 10 pm to midnight.

Whether you're a die-hard electronic music fan or just now dipping your toe into the genre, Club Solaire promises high-energy sets from world-famous artists. The first airport rave by Club Solaire featured the Belgian DJ Maxi Meraki, while this upcoming iteration will showcase the emerging Norwegian artist Meera. "Modern new music, new electronic music, African influences, techno influences, all of those genres combined are what we look for in our DJs," says Christian.

Along with the beats, guests can purchase drinks from an outdoor bar near the dance floor.


And, you don't even need an airplane ticket to join in. Since the events happen outside of the security area, anyone 21+ can attend with a €30 ticket can attend. The first event in May attracted around 800 people, and more are expected at the next one on July 6. Plus, TikToker Gabi points out that there are convenient lockers in Terminals 1 and 2 to store your luggage while you dance.

What's old is new again: Several commenters on Gabi's original post about the raves, noted that back in the late 1970s, a nightclub opened at the Frankfurt airport called the Dorian Gray Club. The club was open until December 2000.