Experience Mac-level innovation without putting stress on your wallet!

TL;DR: Score a piece of Apple history with this pre-loved MacBook Pro from 2015. At 59% off, it's now more affordable than ever! 

Let's be real. Not all of us need the absolute latest from our favorite tech brands (have you seen what Apple's charging these days?), especially if you're not editing YouTube videos, editing flicks on Photoshop, or gaming non-stop.

If you're a simple user like us and just need a laptop to answer those funny emails your grandma sends every week or FaceTime your golfing buddies, look no further than this refurb MacBook Pro. It's a little older (from 2015) but has enough bells and whistles to help you do light computing. Plus, it's on sale for only $439.99 (reg. $1099)!

Designed to keep you connected, this MacBook Pro is the ideal device if you're simply looking to shop online, read a few articles, and answer emails from friends and family. When you're not busy answering your family's holiday planning requests, relax by streaming Netflix or Hulu on its 13.3-inch LED-backlit display.

Trying to FaceTime a friend who lives across the country? Use the 720p FaceTime HD camera to meet up with old buddies and look your very best. This MacBook's Bluetooth 4.0 also lets you connect your AirPods or other earbuds so you can actually have a private conversation without your roommates listening!

If you're planning to use this MacBook Pro to do a little writing, update your resume, or play some less demanding games like Solitaire or online chess, its 8GB of RAM and Intel® Core™ i5, 2.7GHz processor can support those tasks and plenty other lightweight ones.

Most of us know how frustrating it is to see how quickly our device's storage space runs out, but luckily, this MacBook has plenty of room — 256GB of local storage, in fact! You can save family vacation photos, cat videos, PDFs, and somuch more without worrying about a low storage notification popping up.

You might be wondering how you're able to get a MacBook Pro and all its trimmings at over half off. It's because it's Grade "B" refurbished. Yes, it may have a few scratches and light to normal wear and tear, but those can be easily coveredwith a stylish case!

Make this refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Pro yours for just $439.99 — that's almost 60% off in savings.

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