Supreme Court rejects Steve Bannon's plea to avoid prison time

It looks like the Supreme Court isn't Sloppy Steve Bannon's kennel of obedient lapdogs after all. They just told him to pack his multi-layered wardrobe for the big house.

As CNN reports, "The Supreme Court on Friday rejected former Trump adviser Steve Bannon's effort to avoid prison while he appeals his contempt of Congress conviction." That's gotta sting for the blotchy bloviator who's been strutting around like he's got Sam and Clarence on speed dial.

This is classic MAGA playbook gone wrong. The moment these guys face consequences, they start screaming for the Supreme Court to save them. It's like watching a toddler throw a tantrum and threaten to tell mommy. Only in this case, mommy (aka SCOTUS) just told little Stevie to go to his room — one with bars on the windows and no Brooks Brothers or Orvis shirts in the closet. In fact, no closet, either.

Bannon's been yapping for months about how the Supreme Court would see things his way. After all, he's Steve Bannon! Vlogger extraordinaire! Trump whisperer! Surely the justices would recognize his self-proclaimed importance and let him off the hook, right?

Wrong. Turns out, the Supreme Court doesn't give two hoots about Bannon's inflated sense of self. They swatted away his plea without so much as a dissenting opinion. So what's next for MAGA's slovenly Rasputin? Will he find a Super-Duper Supreme Court to overrule this suddenly "woke" Supreme Court? The only thing supreme about Steve Bannon is his delusion.

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