Mountain Dew again! Woman reportedly poisons hubby with spiked soda because he doesn't like his b-day party

Mountain Dew strikes again! This time, a woman in Missouri used the carbonated soft drink to poison her husband — by mixing it with Roundup weed killer.

In May and June, 47-year-old Michelle Peters allegedly served her hubby bottles of Mountain Dew spiked with both the weed killer and insecticide, because, as she said in courts, he didn't appreciate the 50th birthday party she threw for him.

But, after police arrested her and charged her with "first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action," according to The Independent, she later regretted her actions, saying she should have "just divorced him."

From The Independent:

Peters' husband reportedly began to feel ill and started to suspect something might be wrong with his drinks.

That prompted the man to take a look at surveillance footage from inside his home, at which point he saw Peters take one of his sodas from his refrigerator in their garage just before she grabbed a bottle of Roundup and walked outside, police said, according to Fox 59.

Glyphosate, a chemical found in Roundup, can cause burns, mouth and throat pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and potentially death if consumed.

This latest Mountain Dew headline comes just days after MAGA sleuths discovered that doses of the illicit soda pop were being smuggled into the Biden campaign in order to "jack him up" ahead of the debate.