Side-by-side clip of Biden and Trump speeches shows we have only 1 choice in November (video)

President Joe Biden and convicted ex-president Donald Trump both spoke yesterday, and a side-by-side video of the two candidates proves once again that we only have one choice in November: keep the ignorant pro-Russian dictator out of the White House.

Delivering completely opposite messages, Biden defended NATO as "The single greatest, most effective defensive alliance in the history of the world," while Trump said, "I didn't even know what the hell NATO was too much before, but it didn't take me long to figure out — like about two minutes."

And while Biden spoke about the values of the United States, saying, "Again and again, at critical moments, we chose unity over disunion," Trump again defended Putin, reiterating, "I said, 'No, I will not protect you from Russia…I had a very good relationship with Putin…" But the election denying leader of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots was protective of insurrectionists. "When people who love our country protest on January 6 in Washington, they become hostages," he lamented. (See the footage below, posted by Morning Joe.)

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