Watch: Frenzy Waterpark guest big splash

Located in Torreilles, France, Frenzy WaterPark bills itself as "Most Extreme Waterpark of Europe 🔥", where this guest went for extra distance by jumping off a pergola onto the "JUMP XTREM" water slide:

To quote Kirby Ferguson: "As Isaac Newton once said, we stand on the shoulders of giants — which is what he was doing when he adapted that saying from Bernard de Chartres", this unprofessional remix was adapted from an older Frenzy WaterPark video "performed by professionals or supervised by professionals":


YAAAAAY 🤯🚀 @jucrewsade did it !!

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Copy Me: a new critical animation series about copying, culture and copyright

Copy Me is a new webseries (here's its Indiegogo fundraiser) constituting a series of short animations presenting accessible, informative, concise information about copyright, copying and culture. It's marvellously promising, and, as Mike Masnick points out, it's a much-needed addition to a canon that includes such brilliant material as Nina Paley's Copying is Not Theft and Kirby Ferguson's Everything is a Remix. — Read the rest