DJs plunder Raymond Scott's archives and remix rarities: Raymond Scott Rewired!

The Raymond Scott estate turned over 50 years' worth of the composer's archives to three DJs — The Bran Flakes, The Evolution Control Committee, and Go Home Productions. The archives contained "jazz, orchestral, electronic, experimental, studio chatter, never-heard rarities," which the DJs remixed into six tracks each, as well as a collaborative remix of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse," perhaps his best known work (and much beloved of classic Warner Brothers' cartoons fans). — Read the rest

Happy 75th birthday to Raymond Scott's POWERHOUSE!

From the Raymond Scott blog, "Exactly 75 years ago today, Raymond Scott recorded his iconic hit tune, 'Powerhouse.' On the same date, following 8 months of rehearsals with his Quintette at CBS, he also recorded 'Twilight In Turkey,' 'Minuet In Jazz,' and 'The Toy Trumpet' — not bad for a day's work. — Read the rest

Raymond Scott documentary with Mark Mothersbaugh, Don Byron, Edward R Murrow and DJ Spooky

KevinVanCamper sez, "The new documentary, DECONSTRUCTING DAD, exploring the personal life and career of the late composer & inventor Raymond Scott is now available on DVD, with 20 minutes of bonus features. The film, which was directed by Scott's only son, features movie-music legend JOHN WILLIAMS ('STAR WARS'), producer HAL WILNER, MARK MOTHERSBAUGH of DEVO, jazz clarinetist DON BYRON, archival footage of EDWARD R. — Read the rest

Powerhouse: the biography of Raymond Scott, on stage in NYC

Jesse Garrison sez, "Powerhouse is a non-traditional biographical piece about Scott, told through a combination of puppetry, movement, swing dancing, physical comedy and live action. It follows the inverse paths of Scott's fall from success to obscurity and cartoons' (that used his music) rise to prominence in every American home." — Read the rest

Raymond Scott vinyl toy


In celebration of electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott's 100th birthday, toy company Presspop Gallery have released this beautiful vinyl figurine and CD package in a limited edition. Presspop are the folks who previously made the rare Bob Moog toy. The Scott package includes a miniature model of Scott's Clavivox instrument. — Read the rest

Raymond Scott tribute concert footage

Ape Lad sez, "YouTuber 2005adamo has extensive footage from the March, 2008 Raymond Scott Centennial Tribute Concert at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada."

Raymond Scott is, of course, the genius composer who wrote all the amazing tunes that Carl Stalling adapted for the Warner Brothers cartoons. — Read the rest

New Raymond Scott album: The Unexpected

There's a new Raymond Scott album! If you don't know Scott, here's a quick bio: he was a bandleader in the 40s, well-known for quirky, whimsical songs (many were used in Looney Tunes). In the 1950s he became interested in electronic music, and composed amazing pre-Moog marvels, including two albums designed to soothe babies. — Read the rest

The Simonsound's music inspired by an imaginary monorail

The Simonsound, Simon James's '60s space age-inspired experimental music project, has issued a fantastic "radiophonic ride" aboard an imaginary World's Fair monorail. The two tracks on this Simonsound Tranist Authority release are compelling collages of electronic experimentation and oscillations made from vintage synths, manipulated tape, and acoustic sources. — Read the rest