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Zine goddess Chloe Eudaly is running for Portland City Council

Chloe Eudaly, whose zine emporium Reading Frenzy (previously) and publishing makerspace the Independent Publishing Resource Center are PDX institutions, is running for Portland City Council, campaigning on affordable housing for all in a city whose longterm residents are being left behind by runaway rents and spiraling housing prices. Read the rest

Crowdfunding Maximum Plunder, a collection of 1,100 gig posters by Mike King

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy writes, "Mike King has made more concert posters than any designer in America. This book contains more than 1000 of them. Spanning three decades of music, Maximum Plunder gathers together Mike's work into a comprehensive retrospective. A five-year project, the book presents nearly 1,100 of his remarkable posters from every period in nearly every musical genre, from country to death metal, jazz to punk. You'll see striking examples of Mike's work for both internationally famous bands to barely-known local artists." Read the rest

Social Justice Kittens: the postcards

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy writes, "Six of our favorite Social Justice Kittens are back in postcard form! Next up: MRA Puppies! Postcards by Sean Tejaratchi/LiarTownUSA (previously) published by Show & Tell Press!" Read the rest

Liartown USA's "Apple Cabin Foods" calendar, to benefit Reading Frenzy

Original Crap Hound and Internet graphic sarcasm sultan Sean Tejaratchi is back with his annual calendar, sold to benefit Reading Frenzy, Portland, Oregon's world-beating zine store and independent publishing emporius. Read the rest

Kickstarting a coloring book of bygone Hollywood stars

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy bookstore writes, "Portland based, self-taught artist, Alicia Justus, is Kickstarting her first coloring book in collaboration with Show & Tell Press (publisher of Crap Hound)." Read the rest

Kickstarting A is for Zebra, subversive alphabets by Crap Hound's Sean Tejaratchi

It's a twisted, genius alphabet book in the style of Tejaratchi's (more) wonderful found-art collage zine Crap Hound, and published by the brilliant Portland zine store Reading Frenzy; $20 gets you your own copy. Read the rest

Watch the latest video posts in our Boing Boing video archives

We've gathered fresh video for you to surf and enjoy on the Boing Boing video page. The latest finds for your viewing pleasure include:

• Frank Zappa reads the dirty bits of Naked Lunch. • TIme-lapse of a particularly intense aurora borealis display. • The Shangri-Las perform "Out in the Streets" (1965). • Super 8 music "video" for new Barn Owl song. • Two-headed bull shark. • Telekinesis' latest video has a romantic ghost in the machine. • Dolphin funeral? Adult dolphin "carries calf around for days." Grieving? • Reading Frenzy, the astoundingly great zine store in Portland, OR, lost its lease. They need to raise $50K to reopen.

Boing Boing: Video! Read the rest

Kickstarter to save the brilliant zine store READING FRENZY

Reading Frenzy, the astoundingly great zine store in Portland, OR, lost its lease. They need to raise $50K to reopen.

Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse

Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse is the a documentary about a teenage boy who finds himself through punk rock, zines, and comics and loses himself to schizophrenia.

Crap Hound #5 Kickstarter project: "Hands, Hearts & Eyes (3rd ed.)"

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy sez, "Help us Kickstart Crap Hound #5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes (3rd ed.) into existence! Crap Hound is an astounding compendium of line art collected from various vintage and obscure sources, artfully arranged around a variety of themes. A great resource for artists, crafters, and designers, Hands, Hearts & Eyes is our most coveted issue yet! This time around in addition to the zine, we're offering the 1st ever Crap Hound t-shirt, three brand new prints, a bonus digital package and more as rewards for your support."

Crap Hound No. 5: Hands, Hearts & Eyes, 3rd Edition!

(Thanks, Chloe, via Submitterator!)

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Crap Hound vintage clip art magazine seeks funding via Kickstarter

Chloe Eudaly (proprietress of Reading Frenzy/Show & Tell Press) says:

Crap Hound is the sporadically published vintage line art zine my friend Sean Tejaratchi edits and I publish. We have 3 issues slated for publication this year and are using Kickstarter to raise funds to get the first one to press. Kickstarter is a newish site (that you probably already know about) to raise funds for creative ventures.

Our project is currently 17% funded with 35 days to go.

I have the original edition of Crap Hound #4 from 1996 and it's fantastic.

Crap Hound #4: Clowns, Devils & Bait! Read the rest

Found art collages: Interiors from CRAP HOUND 7 CHURCH & STATE

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy zine emporium -- publishers of the brilliant and highly irregular found art zine CRAP HOUND -- has sent along several interior pages from CRAP HOUND 7: CHURCH AND STATE, which goes on sale tomorrow. Enjoy!

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6, Link 7, Link 8, Link 9 Read the rest

CRAP HOUND clipart zine #7: Church and State

Issue 7 of Sean Tejaratchi's seminal clip-art zine CRAP HOUND is just about to hit the stands, thanks to the good folks at Portland's Reading Frenzy, a zine store par excellance. CRAP HOUND plunders its graphics from hundreds of sources and then features them in gorgeous, endlessly fascinating mosaics and layouts. Issue 7's theme is CHURCH AND STATE, and judging by the cover, it looks like a doozy.

Crap Hound #7: Church & State, 96 pgs., 2 color cover, b/w interior, offset printed, suggested retail price of $12. This is the first all new issue of Crap Hound in 9 years! A pure but lucky coincidence makes this issue particularly apropos, as we're in an election year with a candidate declaring his intention to rewrite the constitution according to "God's standards"!


See also: Crap Hound -- seminal clipart zine -- is back! Crap Hound No. 6 - clip art magnificence Read the rest

Reading Frenzy zine store seeks donations for fundraiser

Portland's wonderful zine store Reading Frenzy is running a huge zine and book sale as a fundraiser -- it's perennially cash-strapped, of course. They're seeking donations of cool printed material to go into the sale.

* Books, all subjects * Children's books * Comics and graphic novels * Zines, pamphlets, broadsides * Magazines, alternative/independent, vintage * Paper ephemera, posters, prints, mail art materials, rubber stamps * Reading accoutrement's: magnifying glasses, reading glasses, book ends, book stands, bookmarks, pipes, slippers, footstools, small lamps * Blank journals


(Thanks, Chloe!) Read the rest

Sticker Graphics: mixed-media books of sticker art

Sticker Graphics is a series of gorgeous box-set mixed-media books devoted to sticker art (something I have a lot of passion for). I picked up issue two ("Do You Love Stickers?") at Reading Frenzy last week, taken by the gorgeous, Space-Odysseyesque curved white box, which has a transparent compartment on the top filled with handsome stickers and patches. There's a drawer set into the box that slides open to reveal a book of lush sticker-art photos, a "locker poster" of stickers, and a DVD of little sticker animations (these are the least interesting part of the package).

The stickers and book, though, are really terrific -- it makes me wish I had a new laptop to cover. There's a lot of Japanese-looking die-cuts, a lot of little stickers perfect for filling in the blank spaces on your canvas (or decorating smaller phones and cameras) and some nice retro and Euro-stickers. The book provides a fascinating tour of global sticker design and placement.

Sticker Graphics: All you need is...,

Sticker Graphics 2: Do you love stickers? Read the rest

Portland's zine-maker co-op

I was lucky enough to recently tour Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center -- a zine-maker's co-op that provides a lab for self-publishing zinesters who can come in and use the center's computers, printers, copiers, and fantastic letter-press workshop. They offer courses in zine-making (especially in the use of the letter-press, which produces really handsome materials). Membership is a sliding scale of $45-$100 year, and the Center also sports a multi-thousand-volume library of zines that you can use for inspiration. It's just upstairs from Reading Frenzy, the stunning zine store.

Link Read the rest

Crap Hound No. 6 - clip art magnificence

Chloe from Reading Frenzy (Portland's astounding zine store) just handed me a copy of Crap Hound No. 6, the latest installment in her press's steady reissuance of the seminal clip-art zine. Created by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound issues each featured a grand, disjointed theme -- issue six's is Death, Telephone and Scissors. Each page is a kind of collage of stark, black-and-white imagery of these things, laid out with a lot of wit and yet with a solemn appreciation for the subject.

I'm very excited to hear that a new issue of Crap Hound is coming shortly -- this one to feature "Church and State."

Crap Hound inspired me and countless others in its initial printing (the name of the zine was part of my impetus for titling my first major story-sale "Craphound" and subsequently registering the domain -- I was also inspired in this by the insults fielded in the great film Local Hero). Holding an issue again after all these years takes me whirling back. I could look at this thing for hours.


See also Crap Hound -- seminal clipart zine -- is back! Read the rest

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