The strange history of Disney's cyber-psychedelic "Computers Are People Too"

The cult favorite documentary was produced to promote Tron's release, featuring a trippy plot and the strangest computer graphics this side of SIGGRAPH -- and it quickly became a staple of the LA club scene as visual accompaniment for whatever was floating your boat that night.


Watch: If Tim Burton directed a porn video

Edward Skimmerhands. Fairly safe for work.


'Food Warriors' NYC street eats video tutorial: a season finale on Nostrand Avenue

The Food Warriors, aka Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam, ride the A-train from uptown in Harlem to Bed Stuy out in Brooklyn.


Meet Jeff: mockumentary/biopic about a giant, killer robot who plays himself

Meet Jeff is a Wired web-series that's a mockumentary about a robot actor called Jeff 1000 who has been given his own biopic, starring Summer Glau.


WATCH: Sneak preview of the last episode of Serial

The Last Episode Of Serial from Funny Or Die

An "exploration of the truth." This is exactly what Pesco and I were thinking a few days ago.


Mystery of creepy 1970s Sesame Street clip solved

I didn't truly appreciate what a miracle is YouTube til I realized how many half-remembered Sesame Street sketches, songs and puppet shows from my grainy, nostalgic childhood could be found there. More

Spectacular, weird horror movie as pharma infomercial

Adult Swim's Unedited Footage of a Bear trumps Too Many Cooks for intensity, virtuosity and genuine terror.


How to gift-wrap a cat for Christmas

"Many cats have an aversion to being wrapped or being dressed up and are not toys. Please do not attempt to recreate this scene if your pet is unwilling to remain still."


Lecture on zombies, art, and death

Zombie artist George Pfau sends us, "Zombies Identified: A slideshow-lecture performed for BAASICS 5:Monsters, a free event at ODC Theater in San Francisco."


Watch: 2 years before Snowden, Barrett Brown on why reporters should be covering intel contractors

Today, a judge in Dallas will decide the fate of journalist Barrett Brown, who is being sentenced in a case that has been fraught with controversy and deplorable conduct by the Justice Department from its beginning in 2013.


Watch: cats vs. Christmas trees

A compilation of cats destroying Christmas trees.


How to support the Futility Closet podcast

The fantastic Futility Closet podcast is a show about entertaining oddities and lateral thinking puzzles. The producers have started using Patreon as a way for listeners to support the show. if you've enjoyed listening to the Futility Closet, please consider pledging your support.


Serial-inspired vigilante app will help the Internet investigate unsolved crimes

An Indiegogo campaign inspired by the Serial podcast is underway to develop a platform for crowdsourcing crime solving.

CrowdSolve will supposedly provide a home for the public documents, a forum for debating theories and visualization tools for making presentations and videos.


WATCH: How a nearly-blind woman cooks for her family

"Gordon Ramsey would probably be angry, but he doesn't have to eat my food."

Licia Prehn has congenital cataracts and sees about 2% of 20/20 vision. [via]


Video: How books used to be made