'What is Fashion,' awesomely dorky 1984 high school student video project

My friend Clayton Cubitt describes this wonderful documentary by a mid-1980s high school student as a "real life Breakfast Club."


Mellow electronica video shows what happens in your computer when you go right ahead and just spill juice all over it

Video: The X-Files' Dana Scully likes science!

"She never gave up, even when the aliens put a chip in her neck," says creator Ryan English. (via Dangerous Minds)


Video: cats in movies

Cats in movies with a soundtrack of The Cure's "Love Cats."


Infamous SF "eviction" lawfirm abuses DMCA to censor video of protest

The offices of Bornstein and Bornstein are notorious for running "boot camps" advising San Francisco landlords on legal loopholes for evicting long-term tenants so they can rent to the high-flying tech sector.


Connect Four Robot

MIT student Patrick McCabe made a version of the classic game Connect Four where you play against a robot! (via Laughing Squid)


Turn Down for Spock, Star Trek Stabilized

Star Trek's reliance on shaking the camera and having the actors simulate delirium tremens is spotlighted in this fantastic video. The video was inspired by a subreddit: Star Trek Stabilized.


Anti-NSA messages projected on US embassy in Berlin

Oliver Bienkowski, a guerrilla "light-graffiti" artist, splashed a projection of a caricature of Barack Obama's face on the side of the US embassy in Berlin, along with the phrase, "NSA IN DA HOUSE."


North Korea most upset with Chinese viral video mocking Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un was already pissed over a forthcoming US comedy. Now he's super pissed about a viral video created by some dude in China. More

Remembering the Apollo 11 moon landing, 45 years ago today

Where were you when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, asks astronaut Buzz Aldrin? He invites you to share your story using the hashtag #Apollo45.


Video: African dances, from A to Z

A wonderful video primer on African traditional and modern dance styles, from Ghanaian Azonto to Ivory Coast's Zoropoto. [The Dance Hall] More

Ugandan “Ghetto kids” dance battle goes viral

A group of boys and a girl, referred to as “ghetto kids,” dance-battle to Ugandan Afropop artist Eddy Kenzo's 2014 hit “Sitya Loss” (“I'm not afraid of losing”) on a dirt road. More

Transformers theme as 1990s R&B

Saturday Morning Slow Jams' slick R&B cover of the Transformers theme. Don't miss their takes on Muppet Babies (below), Ducktales, Pokemon, Animaniacs, and many more.


Rational numbers are impossible!

Brilliant, high-speed math vlogger Vi Hart has revisited the topic of the sizes of infinities.


Crying baby ad from Thailand mobile phone company goes deservedly viral

A clever and feels-inducing spot has gone crazy viral for a reason. And that reason is babies. More