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Music: "Summertime," Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (1991)

Enjoy the weekend.


Cute little baby elephant falls asleep rather abruptly

The most delightful derp.


Insanely intelligent cat rings doorbell to be let inside

From Russia, of course.

[via Reddit, of course]


On a live Walrus Webcam, watch partying pinnipeds gather in Alaska

Cannot stop watching. If I watch long enough, perhaps he will find his bukkit.


Playing a piano composition for right hand, to lull baby in left hand back to sleep

Such a sweet video, by pianist Paul Barton. More

Animation: What you think about OCD is probably wrong

This excellent animated video by Dr. Natascha Santos and her collaborators debunks common misconceptions about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Hopefully it'll discourage some people from saying "I'm so OCD" when they don't suffer from OCD.


Watch: Incredible finger dancer

This fellow is a master finger tutter.


Watch: NYC MTA explains subway delays with 8-bit video

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority created this delightful video to explain subway delays. I'd enjoy playing this game while waiting for a train.


Disney films remixed into electronic music

We've written before about electronic musician Pogo (a.k.a. Nick Bertke)'s YouTube channel full of movie sounds remixed into ethereal music or dance tracks.


Dick Van Dyke stars in Dustbowl Revival’s music video

The 89-year-old breaks out his retro charm—and some impressive dance moves—to accompany this folksy tune


Ad bad

I'd love to read The Next Web's article titled "Ad-blockers aren’t ‘immoral,’ but maybe you’re using them wrong", but it is impossible because of the hilariously broken full-screen ad superimposed upon it. More

Bulls meet Bulldog

Bulldog: "These are the biggest dogs I've ever seen!" Bulls: HELLO TINY COW.


Taylor Swift video rotoscoped into complete insanity by 49 animation students

Each were given 52 frames of Shake it Off, and the result is "2767 frames of lovingly hand-drawn rotoscoped footage." Come for the tentacles, stay for the surrealist dragon kin. More

Watch mechanical orchestra of knives play disco

Neil Mendoza's "Electric Knife Orchestra," a system of electrified and mechanized blades, cover the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive."


Sheriff Joe rally beautifully upstaged

Racist supporters of racist Sheriff Joe were upstaged by this fantastic protestor. (Via


Watch: Making of a Star Wars wax museum exhibit

Watch how 180 sculptors at Madame Tussauds London wax museum recreated Star Wars in the uncanny valley.


Crayola: Don't use colored pencils for DIY eyeliner

Responding to videos like this one about making DIY eyeliner from colored pencils, Crayola says that even though they're non-toxic, "they do not recommend using them to make lipstick, eyeliner or other make-up and strongly discourage their use in this manner."