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Cat sleeps on pillow, snores, keeps human awake

“My cat keeps my wife awake on the pillow next to her.”


The Divorced Dad Cooking Show

Recent divorcee Frank Curlip shares his culinary knowledge. “I'm doing great, Karen.” More

Pulp Fiction 'Say What Again' scene with a baby goat and Samuel L. Jackson

Goat, motherfucker, do you speak it!


Music: "Jack I'm Mellow," Kermit Ruffins (2001)

Having fun with music.


Video: Hand-carving a sphere of ice

This fellow hand-carves a wonderful ice sphere in less than 3 minutes.


Video: custom TIE Fighter drone

The RC Tie Interceptor custom drone, from Olivier C, creator of the far out DIY Millennium Falcon drone.


Help the UK Pirate Party write its 2015 election manifesto

A reader writes: "The UK Pirate Party is launching their 2015 crowdsourced policy platform for their manifesto leading to the 2015 general election."


Silly pet ferret gets stuck behind a door, freaks out


Shot and shared by Holly Scott. [via 4GIFs]


Britney Spears video (no music, plenty of PVC)

Vocals and squeaky PVC.


"Menkes Disease: Finding Help and Hope," a short documentary on a rare disease

Lucas is six years old and has a rare genetic disorder that prevents him from metabolizing copper. More

For cats, catnip = weed. Toothbrush = DMT

Music: "Your Love," The Outfield (1986)

I always wonder if he lost her love.


Video: swirly ink weirdness in 4K slow motion

Psychedelic ink physics in 4K, if you have an ultra-high-definition TV that is. I don't, but it's still spectacular.

(The Slow Mo Guys)


If Star Trek comms were as crappy as cell phones

The Verizon guy would have made an endearing science officer.


Unpersuasive 1955 US propaganda film about the draft

Jesse Walker of Reason has kindly watched this ripe-for-taunting 1955 propaganda film about the draft and provided highlights.


Pot-smoking moms birth crack babies, says Fox News medical expert

"Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business," said Dr. David Samadi of the Fox News Medical A-Team. (Raw Story)


Spontaneous jam: USMC & HS marching band, Mardi Gras

Matt sends, "video I caught of a spontaneous jam session that happened in front of me at Mardi Gras 2015: A USMC band and a bunch of high school band members met in the streets and suddenly launched into 'St. James Infirmary.'"


Motown 25: rebroadcast tomorrow of unforgettable 1983 TV special

Do you remember when Michael Jackson debuted his moonwalk on the absolutely fantastic 1983 TV special Motown 25 - Yesterday, Today, Forever? That program hasn't rebroadcast since, but on Saturday night, PBS will air it in its entirety.


Man demonstrates respectable tea-pouring skills

Is he pouring tea (or some other beverage), or is he stretching putty? [via]


Gentleman throws brick at a car, brick bounces back and knocks him out

"Now fair play to him, he gives it a right go." [via]


Selfie-taking naked Russian guy in the snow blocks traffic

Another exemplary Russian video: dashcam, bad tempers, likely vodka abuse, and an abrupt ending leaving you wanting more.


Music: "The Bird," Morris Day and the Time (1983)

"I pledge allegiance to the Time"


Republican senator disproves global warming by producing a snowball in the Senate

James Inhofe of Oklahoma made fools of thousands of scientists around the world by showing his friends in the Senate a snowball.


Upcoming film, Reality, puts Jon Heder in a rat suit

Reality by French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux (better known as the DJ Mr. Oizo) looks good. Philip Glass on the score, all color corrected in 70s browns and yellows, and Jon Heder in a rat suit for the entire thing. More

Mass surveillance hip-hop from the director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Shahid Buttar -- the rapper who created the amazing NSA vs USA track/video -- is also a constitutional lawyer who serves as executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.


Cookie Monster ponders the mysteries of the universe

Are you ready for some mind-altering, existential truth? Then by all means, behold: Cookie Monster. Not afraid to ask the difficult questions, his inquiring mind is like a tour guide for the hungry.


Harvey Keitel's 1985 sci-fi epic Star Knight on YouTube

Harvey Keitel, Klaus Kinski and underwater boobs star in this low-budget b-movie from 1985. And there's probably no better way to celebrate the 30th birthday of something this weird than just to watch it.


What it was like to be Monica Lewinsky in 2001

She worked hard to overcome the ignominy of the 1995 scandal involving Bill Clinton, writing a Vanity Fair article on public humiliation and a moving speech about cyber-bullying.


Video: The Making of a Beer Can

Specifically, cans that will be filled with Wellington, New Zealand's Garage Project Hops on Pointe brew.


Agitated cockatoo speaks out

Translation: "Stop recording me in portrait mode!"