VIDEO: You can't hammer a nail over the internet (yet)

Economist Alan Blinder famously quipped, "You can't hammer a nail over the internet." YouTuber TheGoodRobot created this tongue-in-cheek attempt to prove Blinder right. More

Watch: Pibot, a robotic pilot to fly planes that were designed to be operated by humans

In South Korea, researchers are developing a robotic pilot that could one day replace humans in the cockpit.


WATCH: Glowy Zoey's 2014 LED costume is Minnie Mouse

Royce Hutain of returns after last year's hit costume for daughter Zoey. This year's rainbow LED and Velcro homage to Minnie Mouse includes instructions on making your own. More

WATCH: 8-Bit Silence of the Lambs

Daniel writes, "As Halloween draws closer, CineFix presents The Silence of The Lambs retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit) game tech." (Thanks, Daniel!)


Cassette player uses Raspberry Pi to play Spotify music

Matt Brailsford combined an old cassette player with a Raspberry Pi. When you insert a cassette (that has has an NFC tag associate with a playlist), it streams music from Spotify.


Video: Meet some creepy, eerie see critters who live deep down in the ocean depths

A Halloween video to introduce you to some of the blob-like creatures found at the deeper depths of our ocean. More

Video: trick for drawing a perfect circle

Music Video: "Lets Go All The Way," Sly Fox (1985)

Wow. Just wow.


Comic sans typewriter

Artist Jesse England modified a typewriter to use a Comic Sans typeface. "If I'd made it in Helvetica people would've just observed it as a little design experiment," he says of his device, called the Sincerity Machine.


WATCH: top Scientologists heaping abuse on apostate

The video sorely lacks for detail, but features three alleged Scientology "top managers" showering abuse on a former Scientologist at LAX. More

VIDEO: Hallucinatory NARCOSE captures free diving's beauty and danger (NSFW)

Thalassophobes and NSFW-phobes will want to skip this beautiful short about deepwater free diver Guillaume Néry and the kinds of hypoxia-induced hallucinations he experiences when free diving to depths beyond 100 meters. Thalassophiles who love beautiful underwater cinematography and trippy dream sequences will find the underwater footage hypnotic.


Grossout video: Moth and tick removed from man's ear

A big guy had a bug fly in his ear. “We thought it was a little white moth, but what came out is unbelievable.” Ewwww. [Video, via Reddit]


Weird SPAM-colored soft robot moves like a zombie hot dog

Harvard University released video of this unnerving soft robot that can move untethered through punishing conditions, including snow and fire, yet will remain resilient.


A ten-second toaster, for breakfast in a hurry

YouTuber Photonicinduction tests a toaster to its limits-- and beyond. More

Woman inhales anti-gravity vapors and floats up pole

One of the few instances in which portrait video is appropriate.