Backwards televangelists listening to Led Zeppelin forwards

A classic clip from TBN, the Christian TV network that brought you Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. More

Infinite Schwarzenegger "Gear Up"

Today, we celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger's 67th birthday with our own Rob Beschizza's classic "Infinite Schwarzenegger 'Gear Up' Scene."


Little girl is sad because she doesn't want her cute baby brother to grow up

We know them feels, Sadie.


Pomplamoose covers "Video Killed The Radio Star"

Pomplamoose's excellent video for their cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star!"


July's TV news bloopers reel

You've got to have sympathy for live news reporters. Weather, animals, and jackasses have it in for them.


An American Hippie in Israel

Here's the NSFW trailer from the 1972 blockbuster, An American Hippie in Israel. I like the part where he smashes anthropomorphic computers with a sledgehammer. (Via Weird Universe)


Watch a cocoa farmer try chocolate for the first time

N'Da Alphonse grows cocoa in Ivory Coast. He harvests the pods, removes the pulp-covered beans, and dries them before selling them to brokers.


Tiny post office in a tree hole

The spirit of Boo Radley lives on in the hole of a tree growing in the hills above Berkeley, CA. Gareth says, "Lea Redmond, of Leaf Cutter Design and the World's Smallest Postal Service, did a photo illustration for Borg Like Me.


Have you ever had sex in your Comic-Con costume?

(Sigh) "Jimmy Kimmel Pedestrian Question: Have you ever had sex in your Comic-Con costume?" (Christ, what an asshole.)


Telerobotic baseball fans

Korea's Hanwha Eagles baseball team have installed rows of telerobot "fans" in the stadium that are controlled by remote spectators. (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)


Drone video of downtown Los Angeles

Ian Wood's beautiful drone footage of downtown Los Angeles. (via Laughing Squid)


Ghost recorded in spooky theater CCTV footage

Unusually for these things, the footage captured is crisp, 4K-definition RAW shot with a coated, non-fisheye len--just kidding! It's about as good as the footage from a mid-90s Nokia communicator. [via] More

Cat knows how to use water cooler

"We serve them." [Video Link] More

Man sentenced after filming self driving car from passenger seat

Morgan Freeman narrates a Juggalo documentary [NSFW]

Here's what happens when you add Morgan Freeman's narration for March of the Penguins to American Juggalo.