Compare Trump and Clinton's debate strengths with this one weird "South Park" trick


This wonderful little video by Randy Olson lays out one argument for why as a public political speaker, Donald Trump is perceived to be such a crowd-pleaser, and Hillary Clinton gets weaker scores. It's all about narrative design. Read the rest

The time it takes to be a woman

A team working with our video director genius friend Joe Sabia created this video for Glamour, that calculates the difference in total time that men and women spend, on average, on a variety of everyday activities.

Read the rest

The American Bystander Comedy Quarterly #3


The new issue of American Bystander Comedy Quarterly is on Kickstarter. It features talent from SNL, Letterman, The Simpsons, The Onion & National Lampoon. Issue 3 has a cover by the great Drew Friedman! Read the rest

Hamilton in American Sign Language


Holy federalism, I love every single thing about this. And Peggy! (via Kottke) Read the rest

Understanding vulvas: what do they really look like?


The Guardian's released the first of "The Vagina Dispatches," four short documentaries about women's genitals. This episode is about vulvas, labiaplasty, anatomy, and sex, and is a fascinating 15 minutes. NSFW, if you work somewhere where images of vulvas are frowned upon. (Thanks, Mae!) Read the rest

Why I'm Voting For Gary Johnson And Why You Should Too


Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson makes his case for why he should be included in the forthcoming debates with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican millionaire Donald Trump. Read the rest

Trump fan Omarosa: "Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have to Bow Down to President Trump"


Frontline's forthcoming documentary about millionaire Donald Trump's bid for the presidency airs next week; the trailer's embedded above. Here's a completely normal, not at all crazy line from Trump supporter Omarosa:

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

The Presidency Part 45: The Ultimate Revenge. Read the rest

A most relaxing skydiving video


The skydiving video genre is rife with energy drink ad clichés, so "Strings Attached" by Johannes Bergfors feels very calming. The divers do some innovative formations as well, and Bergfors' camera work is really nice. Read the rest

Musical feline artbot creates abstract paintings


YouTuber Die Struktur created the first rotating cat automaton that paints to musical accompaniment. Now, instead of "my kid could paint that," idiots can say "my maneki-neko on a turntable could paint that." Read the rest

Cops pepper-spray 15-year-old girl who fell off her bike


This is very sad and infuriating. A 15-year-old girl from Hagerstown, Maryland was riding her bike and collided with a car. When police arrived they told her an ambulance was going to take her to the hospital. She didn't want to go. She got back on her bike, but before she could get away, an officer grabbed her from behind. The next thing you know, she was roughed up, cuffed, put in the back of a patrol car, and then pepper sprayed. Instead of taking her to the hospital, the officers took her to the police station for interrogation.

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Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton from Funny Or Die

Best bit:

Galifianakis: Do you wonder what your opponent might be wearing (at the presidential debate)

Clinton: I assume that he'll wear that red power tie.

Galifianakis: Or maybe like a white power tie.

Clinton: That's even more appropriate. Read the rest

Truck loads pipes onto unsecured barge, sinks into water


This truck is loading some large pipes onto a barge. The barge slowly slides away, and the truck and its load slowly sink into the water, as a man on shore slowly captures the accident on his phone. Read the rest

This sexist music video gets real meta real fast


Prepare to go down a rabbit hole of modern life in this incredible video for "Bike Engine" by Stylo G x Jacob Plant. Read the rest

YouTube announces crowdsourced censorship


Reddit and social media have proven that some people will do anything for points, likes, follows and so on, including work for free, so YouTube announced Heroes, a new platform for people who will moderate their site in exchange for points. Ironically/unsurprisingly, the announcement video hasn't gotten many likes. Read the rest

Trump protected from attack by Satan

After this, Satan won't be attacking Donald Trump anytime soon. Phew!

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Sassy Trump Responds to Shooting of Unarmed Black Man


Here's a new "Sassy Trump" from Peter Serafinowicz, who uses all Trump's own words but provides a new voice.

Read the rest

The first VR film to be directed by an Indigenous person in North America

Read the rest

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