Here's The Well's "State of the World 2021"

Every year Jon Lebkowsky and Bruce Sterling have an open discussion on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link about the state of the world. This year they are joined by Malka Older, a "writer, aid worker, and sociologist."


If a lot of Big Tech is starting to lose its conjuring power, there
is one technology that manages to be both hype and, to some, fake
news: the vaccine(s).

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This Day in Blogging History: Zombie foetus costume; Kit produces trillions of universes; Interviewing Charlie Stross

One year ago today

BB Readers' DIY Costumes: Zombie Baby breaking out of womb: In our Epic Halloween DIY Costume thread, Boing Boing reader Laz Burke shares this awesome photo of a zombie baby breaking out of the womb.

Five years ago today

$20 kit produces trillions of universes: Any kind of measurement causes the universe to split and this is the basis of Keats' new device. — Read the rest

Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: "State of the World 2012"

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Old-school bOING bOING contributors Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky posted their annual State of the World discussion on the good ol' Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. Sidle up for some fine brain tennis. Jon says:

The reality we're in today is reflected in responses I got when I asked my online social network what they thought we would cover (in this State of the World discussion).

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Bruce Sterling's state of the world, 2010 edition

The WELL is conducting its annual Bruce Sterling "State of the World" public interview, in which Chairman Bruce holds forth on any subject the audience raises. Jon Lebkowski asked me for a question to kick it off, so I asked Bruce what I should do to be sure that I've provided for my daughter Poesy's future. — Read the rest

3 Idiots: Bollywood blockbuster is equal parts cautionary tale, maker manifesto, portrait of India

kareeena-kapor.jpgOver the holidays, I kept spotting tweets from Indian and non-Indian friends alike gushing about 3 Idiots. The just-released Bollywood blockbuster has broken box office records throughout India. I'm no expert in Indian cinema or popular culture, but figured so many happy pings couldn't be wrong, so I ventured out for a screening (at an otherwise struggling art-house theater which was this night *packed* with a cheering, Hindi-speaking crowd). — Read the rest

Bruce Sterling's state of the world 2009

Bruce Sterling's doing his annual "state of the world" public interview on the WELL's Inkwell.vue conference, and taking all comers, dropping science and bon mots. I could read this stuff all day.

I'm a bohemian type, so I could scarcely be bothered to do anything
"financially sound" in my entire adult life.

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