$1 million vs. $1 billion compared as a road trip

It's hard to imagine what an obscene amount of wealth $1 billion is, so Tom Scott demonstrates via travel times. Basically, a tall stack of a million $1 bills laid on its side would take about a minute to walk from end to end. A stack of a billion $1 bills would be a 75-minute […]

Visualizing just how stupidly wealthy Bill Gates really is, in under 60 seconds

Created by Twitter user Betty Cam, this is a really clear and simple way to wrap your around the nearly-unfathomable wealth of a hundred billionaire. Because somehow there are still people who think a person could actually need, deserve, or morally earn that kind of money. Image from DuckTales

EU fines Google €2.42B for anti-competitive behaviour

The EU had been expected to fine Google a little over €1B for its anti-competitive practice of promoting its own shopping service over competitors' in search results: today's €2.42B comes as a surprise, as does the ongoing fine if it fails to change its behavior within 90 days — up to €10.6m a day, or […]